Your Structured Settlement Payments Amalgamated Can Amount to Stacks of Money To Curb Rising Debts and Liabilities

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” tort claims hinged on negligence revolve around something which the defendant did or omitted to do. In some cases, courts impose vicarious liability on employers who fail to adequately equip or protect their employees in the workplace leading to personal injury to third parties. However, vicarious liability does not necessary depend on whether the employer has done anything reprehensible but on the virtue of the special relationship in the workplace. In a tort lawsuit, vicarious liability suffices where a victim of personal injury, not employed by the respondent pursues compensation from the employer of the actual wrongdoer. The doctrine of vicarious liability has evolved to compensate third parties for losses incurred from interacting with a business and its workforce. It does not grapple with the duty of care employers owe their workers.

Cynthia Henderson sued a hospital for an erroneous cervical biopsy that failed to reveal she had cancer and instituted a medical malpractice lawsuit for personal injury and vicarious liability. In spite of her efforts to follow up with her doctor, her physician failed to conduct a timely cancerous testing. Cynthia had to undergo radiation and attendant chemotherapy in a bid to cure the lethal disease. The court found the hospitable culpable and awarded compensation, but her attorney sought a structured settlement. Cynthia got riveted to the ground when she discovered her money would devolve in a future income stream instead of a lump sum. A few months down the road, she had to rise above the economic difficulties as medical expenses sponged off all of her earnings. She decided to her future payment rights, like lottery winnings, the transaction undergoes court review.

Sell Structured Settlement

How to Pinpoint a Top-Notch Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer

Cynthia began by foraging for top structured settlement companies online and counterchecked their track record at the Better Business Bureau. The tool provided nuggets of information such as reviews, complaints and final grading of factoring companies by consumers. She also talked to a few friends who had rubbed shoulders with the factoring agents. Cynthia entered the deal with the business that had high-quality services and customer support, low discount rates and minimal factoring expenses.

Go to Great Pains to Ensure Due Diligence

The structured settlement funding company delivered the transfer agreement, disclosure statements and court filing forms for her endorsement. A representative provided guidance on perusing and filling in the forms. Cynthia paid attention to the discount rate and asked the company to put everything down to paper for her scrutiny. She asked a barrage of questions before signing the transfer agreement.

Court Approval, An Attorney Entered Appearance on Her Behalf

Due to her status, Cynthia could not go to court but allowed the representative to guard her interests. The process took only a couple of shakes, and the judge approved the transaction. The court’s involvement ensured she did not make a rash and imprudent decision. The company also imposed a low discount rate as they understood her medical condition could deteriorate if she did not get sufficient lump sum payment.

Did She Make An Informed Choice?

Accordingly, Cynthia had no dependents and only dwelt alone as her medical condition meant she was unable to break out her own shell with strangers except her family. She put her thinking cap on and concluded having a lump sum payment instead of periodical payments in future offered more benefits as the cash could foot her therapy bills. The factoring company allowed her to get the present value of her future payment rights in a trice.

Renowned Structured Settlement Re-purchasers

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Olive Branch Funding has rapidly emerged as a provider of fiscal solutions to annuitants, structured settlement recipients or lottery winners craving for the worth of their income stream immediately. They provide a representative to settle issues with the insurance companies. The company can provide lump sum cash down for structured payment rights, or financial instruments like lottery awards and annuities.

SenecaOne is a buyer of annuities, structured settlements and lottery awards in the fiscal domain with more than two decades of expertise and proven track record. They do not overcharge discount rates, scale back processing fees and ensure speedy disbursal of payments.